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International Day of Forests - Healthy forest for healthy people

International Day of Forests is celebrated on the 21st of March every year. The United Nations first established it in 2012 to raise awareness and appreciation of forests and the many benefits they provide to our planet and its inhabitants. Forests provide various valuable services to both people and the environment, from providing clean air and water to providing habitat for wildlife.

Healthy forests are essential to the health of all people on the planet. Forests store carbon dioxide and absorb pollutants, which helps reduce the effects of climate change. Forests also provide food and medicinal plants, as well as materials for building and fuel. In addition, forests provide habitats for many species of animals and plants, which are necessary for the survival of biodiversity.

International Day of Forests is an opportunity to recognize forests' essential role in our lives and the planet. It is also a chance to take action and support forest conservation and restoration efforts. Everyone can do their part to help protect and restore the forests, from planting trees to reducing the consumption of wood products. By doing so, we can ensure that our forests remain healthy and provide all the benefits they offer.

In order to promote the importance of healthy forests, several activities can be done on the International Day of Forests. These include planting trees, engaging in forest conservation activities, and promoting the sustainable management of forests. It is also important to educate people about how they can use forests in a sustainable way, and to promote the importance of healthy forests.

ReGro Earth will always support this day and work towards creating awareness via various initiatives.

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