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Image by Vlad Hilitanu


The impending global environmental crisis often evokes a sense of helplessness in individuals, businesses, and governments alike. However, we firmly believe that together we can bring a positive change through societal reform, reducing emissions, and restoring nature, and make a real and significant impact.


Our company takes an innovative approach to addressing these issues by utilizing biotechnology, data, AI, and automation in our reforestation and ecosystem regeneration efforts. Our advanced seed coating technology increases seed success in harsh environments by minimizing water and moisture needs.


We realize that this is a multi-dimensional problem and hence the gamut of services we provide addresses most aspects  of the problem.

Regro Earth’s innovative technology restores forests, reverse climate-change and rejuvenate ecosystems.

Project Evaluation


  • Land, Water, Terrain, Species, Community Impact


  • Finance

  • Carbon

Project Execution


  • Budget Allocation

  • Tree Planting

  • Community Development

Sustainable Forest Management

Phenology Monitoring

Forest Health & Surveillance

  • Hazard assessment & prediction

  • Fire Monitoring

  • Biodiversity

  • Community Benefit

Agroforestry Management

Restoration & Conservation


Carbon Management

Carbon Sequestration

Carbon Offset

Net Zero Management

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