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Action Oriented & impactful Climate Solution

ReGro.Earth offers your organization with several climate solutions. From Reforestation to net-zero solution, we are your trusted partner.

We are doing it at scale

Our company is dedicated to making reforestation efforts of all types a success by offering our innovative Smart Seedball Solution that combines the effectiveness of technology with the reliability of our experienced staff. We are confident that this simple and sustainable solution to reforestation will help us achieve our goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions and restoring the planet’s forest cover.


We work with several Governments and Organizations on climate-financed nature projects, seeking upfront financing for implementation and certification.



  • Conduct a satellite-based inspection of the region and evaluate the baseline.

  • Assess the financial, carbon sequestration, and direct and indirect benefits.

  • Develop a comprehensive project plan, outlining all stages and milestones.


  • Implement the project with the assistance of our CENTER OF EXCELLENCE operations team, who work with experienced team members and partners on the ground.

  • Continuously monitor changes throughout the lifecycle of the forest


  • Transfer ownership and management to local communities or organizations.


Image by Olena Sergienko

Our innovative approach combines biotechnology, data, AI, and automation to restore forests, regenerate ecosystems, and strengthen carbon markets. Advanced seed coat tech reduces water/moisture needs for seed growth in difficult settings. Services provide comprehensive plan for successful foresting with cutting-edge satellites and AI/ML technology.


ReGro Earth can facilitate Climate finance from a variety of sources, including governments, international organizations, private companies, and individuals. Our goal is to provide the necessary resources to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help communities adapt to the changing climate within the projects we are undertaking.

Image by Shane Rounce

ReGro Earth endeavors in Social Forestry are concerned with forests that are deeply intertwined with indigenous and marginalized community. Moreover, beyond simply handling forestry, we collaborate with the local population to guarantee them employment, promote their involvement in the plantation, and interwork agroforestry to the advantage of the community.

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